SanteQ Walling Systems

Patent-pending SanteQ lightweight walling systems use a bespoke infill of cementitious materials and 100% recycled polystyrene in a permanent, high-density cellulose fibre board shutter system.

It's green technology, inside and out.

  • 30% the weight of masonry
  • Fire-resistant
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Straight, solid walls
  • Water-resistant
  • Fast, clean installation
  • Sustainable technology
  • 100% asbestos-free

SanteQ provides the construction industry with a walling solution that is lightweight, with excellent acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant properties.

It also reduces the environmental footprint. In addition to using cellulose fibre board responsibly sourced from the pulp of farmed trees, SanteQ reuses polystyrene waste and plastic otherwise destined for landfills.

The polystyrene is collected and processed back to bead stage and coated with special admixtures to prevent segregation ensuring a homogenous distribution throughout the concrete, improve pumping efficiencies and retard fire. Recycled plastic is also used in the high-impact spacers.

The result is a high-quality, cost-effective and durable lightweight wall ideal for most non-load bearing applications.

The Process

  • Eco-friendly, high-density cellulose fibre boards are cut to the required wall panel sizes and transported flat to site.

  • High-impact spacers, made from 100% recycled material, are fixed into position between the two fibre boards to provide rigidity and the desired wall thickness.

  • Services are installed and the hollow walls are easy to handle and move into position.

  • The wall panels are quickly and efficiently erected on site.

  • The preblended lightweight concrete composite infill is pumped into the voids.

  • Joints are taped and skimmed and the walls can then painted or otherwise finished.

  • The result is a lightweight yet solid wall offering significantly improved thermal and acoustic properties that has a 2-hour fire rating.

Technical Specifications

WALL THICKNESS 62 mm 112 mm 137 mm 162 mm 229 mm
Density (walling system kg/m3) 550-600 550-600 550-600 550-600 550-600
Density (infill kg/m3) 500-550 500-550 500-550 500-550 500-550
Load-bearing properties (MPa) 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4
Compressive strength (500D infill) 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) 0.1213 0.1213 0.1213 0.1213 0.1213
Thermal Resistance (m2.K/W) 0.47 0.88 1.09 1.3 1.85
Fire rating (minutes) 60 120 120 120 120
Acoustic properties (Rw) TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC
Weight (kg per m2) 37 65 78 91 126
Permitted load tension (kg) 40 60 60 60 60
Permitted load shear (kg) 40 60 60 60 60
Water penetration Hydrophobic polymers in mix Hydrophobic polymers in mix Hydrophobic polymers in mix Hydrophobic polymers in mix Hydrophobic polymers in mix
Durability Compares to conventional concrete Compares to conventional concrete Compares to conventional concrete Compares to conventional concrete Compares to conventional concrete

SanteQ has preferred installers across South Africa, guaranteeing a professional, efficient and convenient installation service to complete your projects on time and in budget.



Ultra light concrete is certified by the Green Building Council South Africa.
Our alternative building technology is certified by SABS.
Our light concrete panels are Agrement certified.
This low weight concrete is certified by Firelab.
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