Hotel Sky Royal


Following the relocation of the previous tenant, this 6-storey Sandton Central office building was redesigned as a 453 room hotel, to be known as Sky Royal Hotel.

The structure, however, was not designed to take the load of brick and mortar internal walls, and lightweight walling with a mass of no more than 800 kg/m3 was specified by the engineers on the project.

An intense selection process was carried out and, by process of elimination, SanteQ's lightweight walling was selected as it met all the necessary criteria. It weighed around 550 kg/m3, offered a 2-hour fire rating and exceeded the required acoustic insulation properties. Construction began in June 2019 and comprises around 7 000 m2 of a combination of 162 mm and 112 mm walling.

  • Walling contractor:  QuadroX
  • Developer:  Richland Holdings
  • Architects:  Paragon Architects
  • Structural engineer:  MVW Consulting Engineers


Green Building Council
Our alternative building technology is certified by SABS.
Our light concrete panels are Agrement certified.
This low weight concrete is certified by Firelab.
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