Cipla Pharmaceuticals' manufacturing facility


The redesign of the Cipla Pharmaceuticals' manufacturing plant in Benoni required a total rebuild on existing foundations that were not designed to take the load of the new facility design.

A total of over 1 500 m2 of SanteQ 112 mm lightweight walling was installed and filled with our EnviroteQ 500D lightweight concrete infill without any additional bracing. Furthermore, over 300 m2 of SanteQ 229 mm-thick lightweight walling with heights of 7 m was installed with Y10 steel reinforcing and filled with EnviroteQ 500D infill concrete. These walls were braced at 3.5 m.

All walls were skimmed and painted with a special antimicrobial paint.

In addition to the facility's requirements for a lightweight walling solution, the project also entailed the installation of the manufacturing equipment prior to the erection of the walls. This meant the walls had to be built around the machinery with minimal mess and disruption, which was achieved with the SanteQ walling system.

  • Walling contractor:  Sanjo Construction
  • Architects:  VEF Architecture
  • Structural engineer:  Aspire Consulting


Green Building Council
Our alternative building technology is certified by SABS.
Our light concrete panels are Agrement certified.
This low weight concrete is certified by Firelab.
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