Lightweight Wall System

SanteQ lightweight walling systems are an innovative new building technology for non-load bearing wall applications.

Made with a patent-pending concrete that uses 100% recycled polystyrene and GGBFS in a permanent high-density cellulose fibre board shutter system, SanteQ is less than 30% the weight of brick and mortar, and provides excellent acoustic, thermal and fire-retardant properties.

It is ideal in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Hotels
  • Student accommodation
  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Refurbishments

Why SanteQ Liteweight Walling Systems?


At 550 to 600 kg/m3, less than 30% of masonry walls, SanteQ delivers distinct design and engineering benefits.

Fire Resistant

SanteQ uses non-flammable boards and has a 2 hour fire-rating. The system does not give off toxic gases.

Sound Insulation

Air trapped in the infill provides 2 to 3x the sound insulation and noise reduction of a traditional wall.

Thermal Insulation

Polystyrene is an excellent insulator, reducing heat transfer and delivering 6x better R-value than conventional brick.

Low Environmental Impact

Using 100% recycled polystyrene, recycled plastic spacers, GGBFS and cellulose fibre boards, SanteQ has among the lowest carbon footprints of any construction system.

Simple Construction

SanteQ is quick and clean to install and simplifies construction logistics, giving you predictable programme timing and reduced construction times.

The SanteQ lightweight concrete walling system uses pre-engineered cellulose fibre boards with spacers allowing for various wall thicknesses.

The void is then filled with a pre-blended cementitious, 100% recycled polystyrene, cementitious and admixture composite infill.

The wall can be skim plastered and painted or simply painted or can be covered with ceramic tile, wallpaper, wood panels and other materials. Bespoke fastening systems will withstand loads of at least 40 kg.


Completed Projects

Construction companies are using SanteQ alternative building technology to build high-quality, lightweight walls quickly and easily.

Hotel Sky Royal uses SanteQ wall panels.

Hotel Sky Royal


This 6-storey office building in Sandton was converted into a 450-room hotel using SanteQ's lightweight walling.

High quality and easy installation are just 2 reasons why Cipla Pharmaceuticals chose SanteQ.

Cipla Pharmaceuticals


Cipla Pharmaceuticals rebuilt its manufacturing facility with 1 800 m2 of SanteQ walling.

SanteQ's lightweight wall systems are ideal for student accommodation.

Fredman Drive


An existing 6-storey office building is in the process of being gutted to a bare shell for student accommodation.

About SanteQ Lightweight Building Technology

SanteQ Lightweight Building Technology is a co-development by Sanjo Fabtech Sterling (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanjo Construction) and CemteQ Building Solutions.

Sanjo Fabtech Sterling was formed to offer a patented, ground-breaking Alternative Building Technology (ABT) which utilises a permanent formwork system for load bearing applications. Realising the need for a lighter-weight alternative for non-load bearing walls, Sanjo Fabtech Sterling partnered with CemteQ, a leader in smart, sustainable cementitious technology, to develop a new cementitious infill that is lightweight, insulating and fire-resistant and SanteQ Liteweight Building Technology was formed to offer lightweight solutions to the construction sector.