EnviroteQ Lightweight Concrete

EnviroteQ is a pre-blended, lightweight concrete mix consisting of cement and 100% recycled polystyrene with a special admixture coating. As durable as concrete, but less than 30% of the weight, this innovative building technology is ideal in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Void filling
  • Surface levelling
  • Lightweight screed
  • Insulating screeds
  • Insulation on roofs


Why EnviroteQ Lightweight Concrete?


At 500 to 600 kg/m3, less than 30% of masonry, EnviroteQ delivers distinct design and engineering benefits.

Thermal Insulation

Polystyrene is an excellent insulator, reducing heat transfer and delivering 6x better R-value than conventional brick.

Fire Resistant

EnviroteQ lightweight concrete has a 2-hour SABS fire rating, and does not give off toxic gases.

Sound Insulation

Air trapped in the concrete provides 2 to 3x the sound insulation and noise reduction of traditional cement.

Low Environmental Impact

Using 100% recycled polystyrene and GGBFS, EnviroteQ has among the lowest carbon footprints of any construction system.

Easy Handling & Installation

Lightweight, it is easy to transport and install. It can be pumped over long distances without altering its physical or mechanical characteristics.

From a light concrete wall to a lightweight slab, EnviroteQ lightweight reinforced concrete is an innovative construction medium.

EnviroteQ is a high-quality, asbestos-free cementitious product that is both versatile, and environmentally sustainable. 

Resistant to weather, fire and water, EnviroteQ also offers the following advantages:

  • Does not shrink during application or curing
  • Provides total dimensional stability of the mix over time, ensuring screeds do not crack or swell
  • pH-controlled and non-corrosive, ensuring the mix does not react with other materials
  • Meets required insulating performance standards

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Ultra light concrete is certified by the Green Building Council South Africa.
Our alternative building technology is certified by SABS.
Our light concrete panels are Agrement certified.
This low weight concrete is certified by Firelab.
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Is EnviroteQ right for my lightweight concrete application?

Speak to our technical team to find out.


EnviroteQ light concrete does more than just pass the Knock Test!

EnviroteQ lightweight aggregate is a high strength innovative building technology, and provides the solid, durable feel of conventional brick and mortar, with just 30% of the weight!

Equally suited as lightweight concrete panels or for a lightweight concrete slab, EnviroteQ provides a proven ABT solution

Watch the video to see just how durable EnviroteQ really is



Loose bulk density



Cured bulk density

1,3 Mpa

2,1 Mpa

28-day compressive strength



Ideal applicaton temp.

This low weight concrete is made in South Africa by SanteQ Liteweight Building Technology.

Mixing Instructions

EnviroteQ is supplied in 100 litre bags for easy transport and installation on your building site. Preparing the product for use is straightforward:

  • Use conventional drum mixer
  • Place 20 litres water into mixer
  • Add 1 x 100 litre bag of EnviroteQ
  • Add additional 5 - 7 litres water
  • Mix for 3 minutes to a whipped cream consistency
  • To improve strength and water resistance (for applications such as shower floors), replace 10% of water content with a bonding liquid
  • After the completion of the surface finishing, cover with plastic sheeting for at least 7 days to prevent loss of moisture

Completed Projects

Construction companies are using SanteQ alternative building technology to build high-quality, lightweight walls quickly and easily.

Our light concrete wall system has excellent compressive strength.

Hotel Sky Royal


This 6-storey office building in Sandton was converted into a 450-room hotel using SanteQ's lightweight walling.

Picture of lightweight aggregate concrete.

Cipla Pharmaceuticals


Cipla Pharmaceuticals rebuilt its manufacturing facility with 1 800 m2 of SanteQ walling.

Picture of our low weight concrete.

Fredman Drive


An existing 6-storey office building is in the process of being gutted to a bare shell for student accommodation.

About SanteQ Lightweight Building Technology

SanteQ Lightweight Building Technology is a co-development by Sanjo Fabtech Sterling (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanjo Construction) and CemteQ Building Solutions.

Sanjo Fabtech Sterling was formed to offer a patented, ground-breaking Alternative Building Technology (ABT) which utilises a permanent formwork system for load bearing applications. Realising the need for a lighter-weight alternative for non-load bearing walls, Sanjo Fabtech Sterling partnered with CemteQ, a leader in smart, sustainable cementitious technology, to develop a new cementitious infill that is lightweight, insulating and fire-resistant and SanteQ Liteweight Building Technology was formed to offer lightweight solutions to the construction sector.